Like many teenagers, I too had spent many years struggling with acne. The scars and spots left behind became a shame I hid as well as I could. Using different skincare brands proved to be futile. No matter what product I bought, or what regime I followed, my acne had not gotten better and neither had my self-esteem. These problems didn’t disappear after becoming a mother; if anything, they hit an all time low. Fed up, I decided to take things into my own hands and looked for my own solution.
Years of researching and trial and error later, Bar Theory stands proud and tall to help you deal with all things related to health and beauty. We cater to all sorts of skin types and have a variety of organic skincare products, including soaps, scrubs, moisturizers, masks, and oils to breathe life into your skin. We have a good range of fun bath products and accessories to make spa days at home even more enjoyable.
Of course, we offer the standard floral roses and lavender, and citrusy lemons and orange options. Along with those are our more fun—and delicious—coffee, vanilla, chocolate and oatmeal scrubs and soaps. Not only do our products help with sensitive skins struggling with issues like acne and eczema, but they’re the perfect bath addition for days where you simply want to treat yourself and relax.
Health doesn’t just stop on the outside, and that’s where our teas come in. Bar Theory’s teas a delight to sip on and they offer plenty of health benefits ranging from better digestion to a good night’s sleep.  With exciting flavors like Madagascar Coconut, White Winter Chai, Harvest Moon, and Crème Brulee, there’s a little something for everyone.
Simply pick out a product that suits your tastes and keep up with a proper routine and you can look forward to looking better, sleeping better, and—more importantly—feeling better.
Business Development Manager / Founder