Infused Rose Oil


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Our infused Rose oil will come to the rescue for all hair types, Massages into the scalp is enough to make hair follicles stronger and hold more firmly to the roots. The antiseptic properties of the oil can help deal away with bacteria and dirt, so the cleaned follicles are more powerful and hair loss can decrease

You can use our infused rose oil many different ways. Apply it directly to the skin or add a few drops to your shower gel, bath, or face cream for a hint of rose and hydration. Use it in a full body massage to reap the moisturizing benefits over your whole body. You can also apply oil to your scars when they are healing.

Our infused rose oil may also help treat:
• can help keep away harmful bacteria and fungi
• can reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and pain
• can reduce signs of aging
• can Hydrated dry skin
• can help clear up acne / acne marks 
• May also help with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & rosacea 



INFUSED FOR 3 months

Has organic peppermint Essential oil

Jojoba oil

Grape seed oil

Sweet almond

Argan oil

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